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Bandwidth Management

View real time metrics on traffic flow as well as control bandwidth in your local network anytime online


Process payments with multiple cross border gateways in one dashboard making it easy and convenient for you and your customers


Auto generate invoices, transaction history and balance reminders


Customer portal featuring an easy to use user interface with email and sms for communication

Network Management

Supports multiple networking topology including hotspot billing, office/residential use and PPPoE connections under one platform

Realtime Support

Access to a team of engineers to guide you on network infrastructure, device setup and management

Our Pricing

Enjoy our unbeatable pricing. Pay for only what you need with our flexible pricing




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annual billing

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Supported devices

ISPbills system is installed in a MikroTik router, the other network infrastructure remains the same

ISPbills system is compatible with all types of devices after the MikroTik. The devices include routers, switches, Access points, Point to Point devices. Examples of common supported brands are Ubiquiti, Cisco, Mikrotik, TP-Link, D-link, etc.


In a fast-growing tech world, everybody embracing technology, internet and WiFi being a pillar stone in, our growth has been tremendous.


Metered Traffic

Based on radius accounting information from connected devices.

Total bandwidth


Average Isp traffic



Active users

Connected hotspot/PPPOE users from our ISPs

Online users


All users






Transactions through ISPbills payment gateways

Avg transactions/hr






Internet service providers using ISPbills to manage their networks





PPPOE & Hotspot


Payment Methods

We support the most convenient and easy payment gateways that you love. These are our easy to integrate modes of payments. Read the docs below for more info. Read Docs


ISPbills is a Business to Business (B2B) enterprise. We support small, medium and large enterprises. We take pride in some of our partners below.

What our customers say

ISPbills is voted among the top companies for providing Hotspot billing system by using technology. Here’s what our businesses say.

I ran a public hotspot business, and I wanted to have a customized pop-up page with different internet packages. I tried different systems, but ISPbills offered the most user-friendly platform. My customers pay quickly with mobile money M-PESA with even STK push. My sales have since doubled, I have more internet plans, and I can now focus on building the network and expanding.

Alex- Nairobi KE,

Network engineer Supreme Internet Connections

ISPbills has helped my ISP business grow. We have a customer base of over 600 customers who are all home and commercial residences. Before we had challenges in billing and managing the network, our customer management was manual, and we spent so much time troubleshooting. ISPbills has helped us cut down our troubleshooting time and made network management easy.

Hassan-Mombasa KE,

CEO - Quick Broadband Network

A year ago, our business increased, serving public hotspots and commercial and residential home internet connections. We wanted to deploy software to manage our Mikrotik routers. ISPbills offered us a fully customizable platform that would automatically block nonpayers, reconnect automatically on payment, send reminders, and monitor network usage.

Job-Kapenguria West Pokot-KE,

Network engineer - Chronna Networks